As the Chinese people in recent years cast substantial influence over the global market, learning Chinese has been all the rage across continents. In order for Taiwan as a long-standing Chinese language-promoting area to answer to this global demand, this project proffers to establish a set of digitalized Chinese learning materials that is high in quality, learner-specific, and viable and available worldwide. This project aims to design a competence-oriented omniform learning system for Chinese as a foreign language (COOL Chinese for CFL).

By “competence-oriented,” CFL learners will obtain active linguistic competence rather than inert linguistic knowledge whereas “omniform” indicates empowering learners to choose appropriate tools and learning environment depending on their own learning situation. With the vast increase of the Chinese learning market, an informative set of Chinese learning guidelines is wanting. Taking into account this need, the COOL research project integrates six modules—syllabus, teaching, learning, assessment, cooperation of academic and commerce, and international cooperation—to construct the proposed learning system.

Within this framework, the project will consider learners’ Chinese proficiency, individual quality, and cultural context as its primary concerns in creating a digital learning environment. It is intended to be theory-praxis founded, adaptive, interactive, and diverse. As a syllabus is constructed, multiple methods and means of Chinese education will also be provided, and an accurate assessment system that evaluates Chinese proficiency devised to produce high-quality Chinese e-learning materials. The operation of this project will thus benefit Taiwan in many ways. Research results will enhance both the quality and quantity of research on CFL in Taiwan. As results will also increase cooperation between academic and commerce in improving the design quality of CFL materials, they will help expand the worldwide market of CFL of Taiwan. The ultimate goal of COOL is no doubt to help CFL learners develop qualified CFL competences with mature and convenient Chinese e-learning materials means. In a word, with the support of COOL Chinese, learning Chinese will be COOL!

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